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Lawn and Landscape Services

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Lawn and Landscape Services


Lawn and Landscape Services

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What Includes

What Includes

Innovative Service Plan

This four-week rotational service plan allows clients to understand precisely what is being done on their property each week. The Innovative Service Plan is further explained during the in-person quoting process or on the Subscription Overview, which is attached to every estimate sent out.

Each Residential Subscription receives our Innovative Service Plan. In addition to regular mowing, hedge trimming, and flower bed maintenance, this plan ensures that little property details are not overlooked.

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The Copperhead Promise

Once your property has been scheduled on a weekly mowing route, it will consistently be serviced on the same day every week. If a change occurs due to weather or the reconfiguration of weekly routes, a notification will be sent in advance, typically via email.

The owners and staff are very professional. They are consistent in their work, timely and very obliging.

Carol E.

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How It works

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